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Tips To Pack Fragile Items for Moving

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Protectively packing fragile items is an essential part of moving. Family heirlooms, antiques and other priceless and irreplaceable items are at risk of getting damaged or destroyed during the moving process if they aren’t packed correctly. Here are some tips for packing fragile items and some mistakes to avoid.


  • Plates A common casualty in moving, plates require specific packing techniques to ensure they don’t break. Pack plates vertically, or standing up, in small boxes. Line the boxes with crumpled packing paper, wrap each plate with bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Place packing paper between each plate and don’t overpack the box.

  • Glasses Wrap individual glasses with packing paper and fill the glasses with crumpled paper to fill the space. Fill spaces between the glasses with crumpled packing paper to eliminate the chance of the pieces moving inside the box. Always place heavier items on the bottom.

  • Lamps Remove lamp shades and place them in boxes surrounded by plenty of packing paper. Pack them flat side down. Wrap individual bases with bubble wrap and secure the wrap with tape.

  • Pictures and frames Wrap all frames and line a small- to medium-sized box with packing paper. Pack frames standing up if they’re 20 centimetres or larger and place paper between each item. For artwork or frames more than one metre wide, wrap them in moving blankets, plastic wrap them and move them separately.

  • Televisions Remove all the cables and stands from your flat-screen TV, place them in a separate box and label it. Wrap the TV in a moving blanket and secure it with tape. Place the TV in an appropriately sized box and seal the box with tape.

  • Oddly shaped items Wrap awkward or large, fragile items completely with bubble wrap and secure the wrap with plenty of tape. Place the item on top of a pliable piece of cut cardboard and place an identical piece of cardboard on top of the item. Bend the cardboard ends until the bottom and top meet, and then wrap the entire thing in tape. Place the wrapped item in a cardboard box and fill any gaps with packing paper.

Avoid using towels, newspaper or paper towels to wrap fragile items. Mark every box containing breakables. If you don’t have the time, tools or ability to pack your fragile items properly, contact a moving company to pack and move your things safely.


Packing Services and Movers in Oakville and Burlington

At Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd., we’re experts in protecting, packing and moving valuable, fragile items safely and efficiently. Our local movers do the packing for you, and we have the tools and training to ensure your possessions arrive at their destination intact. Our moving company serves families in Oakville, Burlington and throughout the Golden Horseshoe. Contact us today or get an estimate online to schedule packing services.



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