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4 Tips to Help You Compare Moving Companies

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Moving from one home to another is not an easy task as you need to move all your belongings with you in a safe manner. You may move within a city or to another one due to several reasons such as a change in your job. Whether it’s household goods or commercial objects, you will always want your possessions to reach the destination without any damage. Moving companies simplify this process for you, saving you effort and time in the process. The packing staff at Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd are skilled at managing a wide range of items (fragile items, furniture or appliances) while moving.

How to Compare Moving Companies?

In order to make the best possible decision while choosing a moving company, you must compare your options. To distinguish between a good company and a better one, you should compare their services, prices and reviews. The company you select should have the requisite resources, expertise and experience. Here are four major tips which will help you make an informed decision:

  • Request for Estimates – First, list down all the objects or items you want to move. You may want to send some furniture to storage or a warehouse. Convey all your requirements to the moving company and request them to give an estimate. Ask them to provide all-inclusive and accurate estimates for the complete moving process. The company may visit your home to review the items to be moved, observe your parking area, and the layout of your house as these factors affect labour cost.

  • Compare Rates and Quotes – Evaluating the rates should be done correctly to arrive at the right decision. The key is to understand the details of all the costs. You can look for the following:

  • Packing Charges – Packing requires adequate materials and labour. Charges will be levied based on the size of your move.

  • Handling Charges – Packing, loading and unloading are included in the labour charges.

  • Transportation Charges – The size of the vehicle and the distance to be covered will amount to the transportation costs. If you require two trucks for all your stuff or you have to travel to a different city, the costs will increase.

  • Insurance – Full insurance is always better to ensure the safety of your goods. Avoid under-declaring the price of your belongings as the insurance amount will be based on the value of the goods.

  • Local Taxes – Different provinces have different tax slabs for packing, moving and storage services.

  • Value Added Service Charges – Sometimes, services such as unpacking and rearranging can be charged separately.

  • Hidden Charges – Keep an eye on any extra or hidden charges in the bill. Talk to the representative to understand all the charges properly.

Avoid falling for the lowest quotation. A low price doesn’t ensure quality services. The company can tweak the price at the last moment after the move. Also, consider other factors before making a decision.

  • Check Reviews and Feedbacks – Published testimonials on the website or word of mouth help narrow down your options. Check the public reviews and feedback on Google. While some of the reviews can be fake, average ratings or Google business listings will give you a fair idea of the services.

  • Compare Credentials of the Moving Companies – Relocation and storage companies need licenses to set up. Check the credentials of the moving company you are considering. You can check the legal papers to ensure the company you have chosen is licensed, insured and credible.

Make the final call based on your evaluation. Your interaction with the representative you may have contacted for details may speak volumes. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was the company’s overall approach professional?

  • Did they answer all your questions?

  • Were they clear about the complete transaction process and the costs?

  • Did the representatives explain about the insurance and claim settlement process?

Plan a strategy based on these tips to choose from the tons of moving and storage companies available.

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