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Get a Free Moving Estimate and Quote in Burlington, Oakville and Surrounding Areas


Moving to a new place is a challenging and hectic task. You need a careful and efficient mover when it comes to moving your household possessions and expensive furniture. If you’re planning to move locally or across the country, you won’t find a moving company more suited to your needs than Appleby Moving and Storage Ltd. We strive to make your move hassle-free and ensure you are satisfied with our services. Count on us if you are looking for a reliable moving estimate in Burlington, Oakville and throughout the Golden Horseshoe.

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Most people consider the moving process to be a task involving disruption and disorientation. But it doesn't have to be that way. Appleby Moving and Storage Ltd. offers the personal attention you need and the equipment required to conveniently move your belongings. From packing and loading to transportation, we have got everything covered. We also offer our customers moving supplies including boxes, packing tape and plastic wraps. We also provide storage facilities for temporary or long-term use to keep your belongings safe and secure if you can’t take them with you. For a moving estimate in Burlington, get in touch with our staff now, we will be glad to help you with all your moving needs.

Details to Provide for Your Moving Estimate

At Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing transparent services, including moving estimates in Burlington. The rates we charge will depend entirely on your move's various factors. Typically, we ask our clients for the following details:

  • Moving date: If you move during a busy time, the price you might have to pay could be higher than the off-season. Summer is a popular time for moving, which leads to higher demands and rates.

  • The volume of your belongings: The weight and size of your belongings are one of the major determining factors for the price of your move. We can provide you with in-home estimates, where we can conduct a thorough investigation of the belongings you wish to move.

  • Type of items: Transporting fragile items, such as antique furniture or digital equipment, can cost more than moving non-fragile articles. Fragile items demand additional caution and different packing materials.

  • The distance and location: The bottom line is that the higher the distance, the higher the cost.

Expert Moving Services

Appleby Moving and Storage Ltd. offers a range of moving services at affordable prices. Our services include:

Local moves for homes and businesses: Our team offers reliable local moves for both commercial and residential customers.

Long-distance moves: We provide long-distance moving services and can help you with all aspects of your move.

Packing supplies: We also offer packing supplies, including bubble wrap, boxes, packing tape and more. We can help you pack your precious items and ensure they arrive at your new location on time and safely.

Storage options: We provide short and long-term storage solutions as well to help you declutter your space without worrying about the safety of your belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Free Estimate?

If you are planning to move your home or commercial space, we have got you covered. We offer quality moving solutions at great prices. You can rely on our team to offer a no-obligation, free moving estimate for the cost of your move depending on the date, time, location and amount to move. All you have to discuss is discuss your needs with us and our team will provide you with a free estimate. Reach out to us to know more.


What is Involved With an In-home Estimate

During an in-home estimate, we will visit your home and note the weight and size of all your belongings. We will also make a note of the date of moving, packing services required, your new location and provide you with a detailed written estimate for your review.


How Much Will the Move Cost?

The cost of your move is based on the weight of the items and the distance they will be travelling. We will provide you with an accurate estimate service prior to your move. Our local moves are based on an hourly rate which includes time to pack, load and unload.

Get a Moving Estimate

Contact us if you’re looking for a reliable moving estimate in Burlington that can reduce the stress of moving. You can request a free quotation today by filling out our online form.


Moving Estimate in Burlington

We offer reliable moving services in Burlington, call us now.

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