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Learn Move Planning Tips in Burlington

Pre-planning is the Secret to a Good Move!

  • The best moving plan is about setting three important dates: packing, loading, and delivery. This is the framework of a successful plan.

  • If possible allow at least 30 days to schedule your activities wisely.

  • Choose the moving day carefully.

  • Try to avoid peak times like the first few days and the last few days of the month if possible. These are the times everyone wants to move.

  • Also keep in mind that it is easier to arrange for appliance and utility services on week days.

  • View our moving checklist for a step-by-step list of things you will need to do before your move.

Get an Estimate

As a fully insured company, we've thought of all the possible scenarios and have done our best to provide you with a safe and affordable place to keep the things that matter the most. To speak to one of our staff, give us a call and receive a free estimate!

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Fill in your information, and get a cost estimate for our moving services, whether local or long distance.

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