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packing tape and moving boxes


Quality Moving Supplies in Burlington

Moving to another city can be a challenging task and requires planning for unique packing needs. For quality moving supplies in Burlington and Oakville, trust Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd. Whether you’re looking for wardrobe boxes or effective ways to protect your dishes and glassware, we have packing solutions for you. Get in touch with us, and we’ll deliver what you need free of charge. 

Types Of Moving Supplies We Offer in Burlington and the GTA

At Appleby Moving & Storage, you can choose from a wide range of options for moving supplies you require:

Boxes for Moving: The size and type of your package will ensure the safety of your property. Our boxes cover the standard type, wardrobe, mirror, heavy-duty, appliances, and electronics. These include:

  • Small boxes: They are great for books, magazines, records, CDs, and DVDs, among other things.

  • Medium boxes: Larger things, such as photo albums, small appliances, or shoes, should be packed in medium boxes.

  • Large boxes: These are used to store large but lightweight items such as bedding.

  • Wardrobe boxes: They are perfect for hanging, packing, and transporting clothes.

Every box is configured to pack your essentials with safety and care and are specifically designed to suit the suitable items you want to pack in them.


  • Newsprint: This type is an ideal and cost-effective way to pack your fragile items before a move. There is sufficient shock absorption and cushioning.

  • Rent-a-box program: Help us help the environment. We offer a program where you pay $3 per box and receive $1.50 back on return.

  • Specialty boxes available (chandelier, grandfather clock): We offer specialty boxes for novelty items and souvenirs. Crafted exceptionally to ensure the safe movement of unique fragile items.

Packing and Moving Supplies We Offer in Burlington and the GTA

  • Packing tape: This tape is ideal for securely closing moving boxes or bundling items like extension cords, wires, and cables together.

  • Plastic wrap: Industrially reinforced version of a standard kitchen wrap. This moving supply can be used to bind cushions, pillows, drawers and save them from scratches.

  • Covers: Get your furniture protected against scratches, dents, and tears with our covers.

  • Blankets: Add extra protection to your furniture when moving and storing with blankets.

  • Bubble wrap: Bubble wraps are indispensable when it comes to safely moving fragile items. It also fills up any voids in the packaging boxes for that extra safety.


Get an Estimate Today

Our rent-a-box service is a green initiative meant for our customers. We care about the environment as much as we care for your belongings. You can pack yourself, or better yet, let us do the packing for you! When it comes to your long distance moves, we have a storage facility that can hold your goods and make sure they’re protected. Give us a call to learn more about our moving supplies in Burlington.


You can also consult our moving planner with guidelines to help organize your move. For further questions regarding our services or moving supplies in Burlington, browse through our FAQ page.

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