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Experienced Long-Distance Movers in Burlington, Oakville & Surrounding Areas

Are you planning or preparing for a long-distance move across the province of Ontario, across Canada, or internationally? Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd. is ready to help you with long-distance moves to or from Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding area. Whether it's for work, for school, relocating family, etc., moving from one place to another can be a daunting task, which is why we’re ready to help with our professional services. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to help you plan, prepare and carry out your move. Our association with the Mayflower Canada Network also helps us to move our clients anywhere in the world. If you are looking for long-distance movers in Burlington or the surrounding area, contact us or fill out our estimate form and we will take care of the rest.

Long-Distance Moving Services in Burlington

To help you with your long-distance moving, Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd. offers different moving services, including:

  • Move management

  • Loading/unloading services

  • Moving protection

  • Packing supplies

We have all the required facilities like forklifts, dollies, hoists, packing supplies, boxes and plastic wrap to pack your items safely. Over the years we have helped a number of customers with their long-distance move in the Burlington area. We pride ourselves on offering quality and trusted services at all times. Please reach out to a member of our team now to know more details about our services.

Challenges Faced During Long-Distance Moving

When you plan to move across Ontario or across the country, there are several challenges that can arise related to packing and moving. Some of the main challenges you face during long-distance moving to or from Burlington include:

  • First and foremost is packing your electronic appliances, furniture and most importantly, your china or other fragile items. Packing and moving these fragile and heavy items might take up most of your effort and time. If no precautions are taken while handling the fragile items, damages might occur. You do not want to incur extra costs to replace your belongings on top of your moving costs. 

  • Transporting heavy furniture and big items is the second challenge you face during long-distance moving in Oakville and Burlington. If you take it upon yourself to move these heavy items, you could risk injuring yourself. 

  • The third challenge you may face is transporting a large quantity of items at the same time safely. Not all movers are equipped with the personnel and resources to move your belongings across long distances. 

Why Choose Us for Long-Distance Moving in Burlington?

At Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd, our staff are skilled and experienced to help you with your moving needs. As your trusted long-distance movers in Burlington, we strive to provide you with safe and efficient services and will help you plan your move from estimates to moving dates. Here are some of the reasons you should hire us for your long-distance moving in Burlington and the surrounding areas: 

  • We handle all your precious cargo with care.

  • You can rely on us as we maintain a safety measure while packing your luggage.

  • We have all the required facilities like forklifts, dollies, hoists, packing supplies, boxes and plastic wrap to pack your items safely.

  • Our packers will use safety wrapping methods and products to keep your belongings safe. 

  • We take total responsibility for transporting your possessions with care and on time. If any damages have occurred in the transit, we'll settle it fairly and immediately. 

  • We'll pack and load everything from electronic appliances to furniture.

  • You can rely on our movers to handle your belongings with care during transit. 

  • We take extra measures with your fragile items and antiques.

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Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd. also offers short term storage units and moving supplies for the convenience of your long-distance move in Burlington and the surrounding area.


Contact us today for more information on our services or related to long distance moving in Burlington.

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