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6 Tips for Organizing an Office Move

office items packed in moving box

Is your office on the move?

Relocating your office can be a tumultuous and costly time for your business. Yet with some simple preparation, you can take most of the chaos out of moving and focus on getting back to business.

Here are six essential tips for organizing an office move.


1. Plan Your Dates

Like a wedding, a well-planned move revolves around the big day. Setting the date well in advance allows you to anchor your activities on the calendar and set out your office relocation plan with complete confidence. It will also help you establish your office moving budget, based on cash flow for that period.

If you can, try to organize your move for times when you know business will be slow to reduce disruption.

2. Communicate With Your Team

An office relocation is sure to mess with your daily operations and demand a team effort, so be sure that you brief your employees well in advance.

This will also allow employees to make their own arrangements for commuting to the new location if needed. The further in advance you can inform your workers, the sooner you'll be able to put together your plan.

3. Hire a Moving Service

It rarely makes sense to undertake the actual moving process yourself.

A commercial moving company like Appleby Moving & Storage provides expert moving services and has the experience to avoid common mistakes. By contrast, trying to arrange everything yourself is likely to cause inefficiencies at best, and barely controlled chaos at worst.

In either case, you'll likely offset any costs "saved" by not hiring a moving company—so skipping this step is usually an act of false economy. Leave it to the professionals instead.

4. Take an Inventory

It's easy to lose track of things when you're packing and unpacking, so it's important to ensure nothing goes missing.

The easiest way to do that is to take an inventory, including each item's origin point and planned destination. This gives you an in-depth account of every asset. With that, your teams should always know where to find something, even in the midst of the disruption.

5. Purchase Supplies

Nothing bogs down a move like not having the right moving supplies. Sturdy boxes, packing material, and tape are all common yet essential pieces of equipment when you're on the move.

A lack of supplies can cause bottlenecks in the process. Consider using your inventory to help you estimate what you'll need to purchase.

6.Establish Responsibilities

Moving to a new location may be disruptive, but it's like any major project—you need to establish responsibilities.

For a smooth relocation, ensure your teams know what they're responsible for. This will include designating priorities, so you can get back up and running ASAP, even if it means secondary functions take a brief backseat.

Organizing Your Office Move the Right Way

With these tips, you can keep your office move organized and minimize disruption to your business. Even a little planning goes a long way.

Ready to take the pain out of moving? Contact Appleby Moving & Storage today to get started for your office moves to and from Burlington and the surrounding area.



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