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Common Moving Challenges and How to Solve Them

couple sitting next to moving boxes

Getting ready to move can bring on a lot of different emotions, including excitement, stress, frustration, joy, sadness, and many others. A lot of people dread moving because of the stress and frustration, but moving to a new house doesn't have to be a miserable experience. 

With a little bit of planning and preparation beforehand, you can reduce the stress of moving. Here, we'll break down some of the most common challenges people have with moving and how you can solve them. 


Running Out of Time

Pretty much no one enjoys having to pack. Whether a move comes up suddenly out of necessity or procrastination, packing all of your belongings can take longer than most people realize. This can cause major problems down the line if you have to rush to pack everything together.

The best way to solve this problem is by planning ahead in the first place, perhaps even preparing a timetable or checklist to keep yourself organized.

However, if you're already running out of time, it's probably time to enlist some help. Whether you reach out to trustworthy friends or professional movers, many hands make light work.

Too Much Stuff

There is nothing quite like moving to make you realize how much stuff you've accumulated over the years. Especially if you're running low on time or space on the moving truck, realizing that you have too many belongings can be incredibly stressful.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. If you have too much stuff to move with, you probably need to declutter. Go through all of your belongings to decide what should be kept and what should be donated, sold, or thrown away.

Not Having a Packing Plan

We've already talked about how running out of time can cause extra stress, but even if you do have sufficient time, not having an organized packing plan can cause other problems down the line as well.

Make sure you have the right amount of quality packing supplies for all of your belongings. Think carefully about how you are going to organize the moving truck when you finally do pack it. Fragile items probably shouldn't get packed underneath a lot of heavy boxes.

In addition, don't forget to think about what items you're going to need immediately following your move. You want things like bedding, clothes, toiletries, and dishes to be easily accessible so that you can use them shortly after your move.

Moving to a New House Without the Stress

Moving to a new house can be a scary or overwhelming experience, but with just a little bit of preparation, you can avoid many of the most common challenges.

By planning ahead, enlisting help, and limiting your belongings, you can avoid a huge amount of work (and a huge headache) once you've finally moved into your new space.

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