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Four Tips To Understand Long Distance Movers

long distance mover holding box

Moving homes or offices can seem like a challenging task, but if you plan it properly, it can be done smoothly. Your strategy is essential, especially if you are relocating across provinces or across Canada. Long-distance moves require you to take small steps, such as getting boxes and packing appropriately to avoid damages over the long journey. One of the crucial steps is to find the right packing and moving company to stay stress-free.

Appleby Moving & Storage takes precautions at all stages of packaging, loading and transporting your belongings.


For a smooth long-distance move and to choose the right professional moving company, it is very important to understand the process. A little research will help you in the long run.


Here are four tips to help you better understand long distance movers:

1. All Movers Are Not Long Distance Movers – Pick a mover depending on where you wish to move. Not all local movers have the resources to provide long-distance moving services. Moving from one province to another can be categorized as a long-distance move. Remember to check the terms and conditions of the movers for clarity on long-distance moves.


2. Expect Some Extra Charges in Addition to the Initial Estimate The initial estimate given by the mover is just a rough approximation. The cost will depend on the distance of your move and the weight of your belongings. You should be careful about different charges and expenses. Judge the initial statement in light of the offered services and the cost of the move. For example, you will be charged extra if there are no lifts at your destination.


3. Inform Your Movers About Your Moving Date Beforehand – Most of the movers expect their clients to inform them about the shifting date at least a month in advance. They will need a couple of days to arrange for your move. Some movers might give you a minute ago moving service at an additional charge.


4. You Can Negotiate With the Mover for Rebates – Many movers offer rebates if you move on their available dates. You can request for offers or negotiate for cheaper rates. Assess the estimation of things by identifying extra costs. Also, you can check the type of protection they provide for the important or fragile objects.


To choose a reliable moving company, make a list of service providers you are considering, the services they offer and their charges. Choose only after visiting or calling each of them. A professional mover will always be available to answer your queries or concerns.


Contact us for professional and certified packing, moving and storage services throughout Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and surrounding areas.



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