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How to Pack Small Appliances for Moving

moving box for packing small kitchen appliances

In the last five years, 5.2 million Canadian households have relocated. Whether you are moving for work, need a bigger home, or are just ready for your next adventure, this can be an exciting time.

However, moving also involves a lot of logistics and this can be stressful. In fact, the stress of moving can last for months afterward, especially if your valuables are damaged in the move!

Fortunately, packing your items carefully before moving can help to protect them from this damage. Are you wondering how to pack appliances like toasters, microwaves, mixers, air fryers, coffee machines, blenders and other electronics? Read on for our tips for packing small appliances before moving.


Take Your Small Appliance Apart Before Packing It

It can be tempting to pack your kitchen appliances as a whole in order to save time. However, as they move around in the moving van sections can come loose and this could damage your whole appliance.

So make sure that you take disassemble your appliance if possible before packing it and wrap each section carefully.

When doing this, make sure that you consult the manufacturer's handbook. That way you won't damage your appliance as you take it apart. It is a good idea to pop this in the packing box with your appliance, so you have it to hand when you are unpacking at your new home.

Use Packing Paper to Protect Your Small Appliances

Speaking of wrapping your appliances up, make sure you have plenty of packing paper and pads or bubble wrap on hand.

Secure each appliance in a packing pad or bubble wrap first. Then wrap each section of your appliance in several tight layers of packing paper and secure it in place using tape.

You should also thoroughly wrap the power cord of each appliance. If this isn't covered properly then it could scratch your appliances.

Pack Your Appliances Into a Box

You should always pack your appliances into boxes to transport them. This provides structured protection so they won't be squashed during the move.

Ideally, get a box that fits your appliances snuggly. This should provide enough room for protective padding. However, appliances can shift around in boxes that are too big so you want a close fit.

Before putting your appliance in, line the bottom of your box with crumpled packing paper. Place your kitchen appliance in the center of your box and pack around it with protective paper. There should be enough of this to stop your appliance from moving around inside when you move the box.

Finally, cover your appliance over in packing paper so there is no space left between it and the top of the box. Then you can close your box up and label it.

Hire Professional, Experienced Movers in Burlington

If you want to protect your small appliances during a move then it is important to wrap and pack them carefully. This ensures that they will get from point A to point B safely, so you'll be able to enjoy them in your new home!

Would you like help from experienced movers? Contact the movers at Appleby Moving and Storage today for a professional moving company serving the Burlington area.



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