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How to Avoid Moving Company Scams

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Moving is never a walk in the park, regardless of if you've moved many times or if it's your first time moving in decades. Thankfully, reliable Hamilton moving companies can make the process a whole lot smoother by taking the bulk of the work off your hands. But how do you know whether you can trust a moving company or not?


The Burlington movers at Appleby Moving and Storage Ltd. want to make sure that your move goes off without a hitch, so we've put together some tips to help you avoid moving scams.

Keeping Your Eye Out for Warning Signs

One of the tell-tale signs of a moving scam is a price that is significantly lower than what other companies in the area are offering. If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. While you certainly want to be looking for good deals in order to save some money, legitimate moving companies in Burlington are going to charge a reasonable rate for their professional and quality services.

You'll also want to steer clear of any company which is either asking for a very high deposit or for the entire payment upfront. A deposit fee should not be any higher than 10% of the total cost of the move, and you should not be asked to pay the rest of the balance until the job is done or, for a long distance move, until the truck has arrived at the destination.

Finding a Reputable Moving Company

The best way to find out if the Burlington movers you are considering hiring are running a trustworthy business is to do a bit of research. They should have a strong online presence with a website or a social media page where they can be easily reached. Check them out on the Better Business Bureau and take a look at reviews. Your chosen moving company should have generally positive and detailed reviews that don't highlight any issues with payment.

One of the easiest ways to discern whether a moving company is legitimate or not is to simply check that they have a physical address. Don't hesitate to call the location or, if you want to be completely positive that you are not dealing with a scam, swing by their facility to ensure that they are located where they say they are. Reputable moving companies in Burlington will also be properly licensed and insured, and won't hesitate to provide you with proof.

Appleby Moving and Storage Ltd.: Hamilton Movers That You Can Trust

Take the stress and hassle out of your move by choosing one of the most trusted moving companies in Burlington. At Appleby Moving and Storage Ltd., we'll be more than happy to provide you with any information regarding our license, insurance, and prices. We handle both local and long-distance moves, and we also provide storage unit rental in case you need a temporary home for your belongings.

If you're planning a move, then you can request an estimate from the Burlington movers at Appleby Moving and Storage Ltd. We also welcome you to contact us directly if you have any questions about our moving company.


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