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Is It Time to Move? That Means It Is Time to Declutter!

Professional Movers and Rental Storage Units Make it Easy

Is it time for the big move? You are probably stressing over a hundred different tasks and not sure where to start. How will you pack everything? Do you have the supplies and the time to get it all done? How are you going to move everything? Is your moving timeline realistic? These are questions that are probably keeping you up at night.

The only aspect you should be thinking about right now is how to declutter your home before hiring movers in Milton to help you plan and execute the move.

When you declutter your home before your move, you will make everything much easier. There will be less to move, there will be fewer items to pack away, and you will have more room in your moving vehicles and new home for items that really matter. If decluttering your home seems overwhelming for you, there is always the option for moving some items into storage units in Burlington. You can pack some items well ahead of the move and make the transition a lot easier.

Tips to Declutter Before Hiring Movers in Milton

  • Start early: You do not want to start decluttering a week before your move. As soon as you are aware that you are going to move, it is time to start sorting and getting rid of items you no longer need. Whether you plan to have a garage sale, donate items, dispose some items in garbage, give away items to people who will have use for them, or simply pack and store away, it is never too early to get started.

  • Give yourself options: It is best to start by having 4 different labeled boxes for each area of your home. One for give away or donations, another for selling, one for storage, and one for garbage. Go over your items one by one, and decide which box they should go in. If you find yourself left with a lot of items in your storage box, make sure you checkout available storage units in Burlington.

  • Get some help: Yes, the decluttering process can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to sentimental items. It is important to ask for help from your partner, sibling or friends. They might be able to help you make some tough decisions and decide what to keep, sell, store, or give away. Maybe they will even take some items off your hands!

Decluttering BEFORE Your Move is Key

Before you hire movers in Milton or find storage units in Burlington, you need to make sure your home is free from clutter. The hardest part of the decluttering process is getting started. If you take it day by day, item by item and room by room, you will have an easier time and be more clear-minded when it is time to actually move. Getting your home organized well in advance of your moving date will make your life and moving day much easier and less stressful.

Appleby Moving and Storage Ltd. can provide movers in Milton as well as storage units in Burlington. Get the help you need with your move today. You can also call us at 905-525-4969 from Ancaster, Dundas and Hamilton or 905-336-1173 in Burlington.


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