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Items Movers Can’t Move

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When it’s time to begin packing for your move, it’s important to know what items can’t be moved by a professional moving company. There’s a long list of prohibited and restricted items, things that present safety and liability issues for companies providing packing and moving services. Here are some items movers can’t move for you.


Prohibited Items

Due to safety concerns, there are items that moving professionals won’t allow on their trucks. Prohibited items include:

  • Alkaline and lead-acid batteries. You’ll need to remove batteries from remote controls, toys and radios. Even batteries in their original packaging aren’t allowed. Vehicle batteries are included here, too. However, lithium-ion batteries are permitted with some preparation.

  • Household cleaning products. You can’t pack products that contain ammonia, bleach or harsh chemicals like oven and drain cleaners.

  • Toxic products. Chemistry sets, pool chemicals, flea powder, pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers aren’t allowed.

  • Aerosol spray cans. Products like spray paint, cooking spray, hairspray, insect repellent and sunscreen packaged in aerosol containers are all on the no-go list.

  • Flammables and explosives. Fireworks, lighters, matches and flares are prohibited.

  • Live animals and plants. Professional movers won’t accept any type of pet or houseplant.

  • Petroleum products. Gasoline, oil, kerosene, paint, lighter fluid, varnish, some hand sanitizers and charcoal briquettes pose a safety hazard and aren’t allowed. So, too, are gasoline containers if they have the slightest drop of fuel in them.

  • Compressed gas cylinders. Fire extinguishers and tanks of propane, oxygen or carbon dioxide are prohibited.

  • Wax candles. Movers won’t take household wax candles because paraffin wax is highly combustible.

  • Illegal substances. Illegal narcotics and drug paraphernalia aren’t allowed in moving trucks. Researching local, federal and state or provincial laws of your destination is a critical step to take before you unwittingly pack a prohibited item.

  • Ammunition. Anything with gunpowder for reloading purposes is banned. Firearms are allowed, but only if they’re unloaded and declared and documented with make, model, serial number and gauge.

Restricted Items

Some items can be moved, but only under strict conditions. These items may include:

  • Batteries for wheelchairs and scooters

  • Cordless, lithium-ion battery-powered tools

  • Scuba tanks

  • Clean gasoline cans

  • Alcoholic beverages

You transport the above items at your own risk and must give prior written notice to your moving company.


Items Not Recommended for Movers to Move

Moving companies recommend you keep important documents such as passports, marriage certificates, credit cards, cash and electronic devices with you. Additionally, it’s best to move items with high sentimental value yourself, such as jewelry and heirlooms.

Contact Your Local Movers in Burlington and Oakville

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