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Items You Should Avoid Packing in a Box When Moving

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Each year, millions of people from all over the world choose Canada as their home!

If you are planning a move in Canada, you need to know a few things. Keep reading to learn about items you should avoid packing in a moving box.


Perishable Items

It might seem obvious to some, but others don't realize that you shouldn't pack perishable items in a moving box.

It's tempting to grab everything leftover in your pantry but consider a different method of transportation if you aren't getting rid of these items.

In a moving box, glasses can break, spice jars might explode, and bags may leak. The potential to get messy is higher when you pack perishable goods.

Sealed, dry foods can easily break apart in transit. Try to avoid packing even unopened items. Additionally, pests can chew threw a basic cardboard packing box to get into your stash of snacks.

If there are certain perishable items you don't want to throw out, transport them to your new house using cold bags or coolers instead.

Consider donating unopened goods to your local food bank if you can't find a different method of transportation for perishables.


Irreplaceable Items

When you hire packers and movers from Appleby Moving & Storage, we handle your items with care. However, there are certain things you should keep out of a moving box and place in a more secure location.

Accidents happen to even the most reliable moving companies, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Irreplaceable items you should consider packing elsewhere include:

  • Deeds, car titles, and wills

  • Financial records

  • Car keys

  • Medical and school records

  • Special jewelry, collectibles, and antiques

  • Social security cards and birth certificates

  • Personal devices

Put these items in your own personal bag and transport them with you to your new house.


Flammable Liquids and Materials

For safety reasons, you should never place hazardous materials in a moving box that is likely to be exposed to high temperatures. Leave these items out of your packing checklist:

  • Lighter fluid

  • Matches

  • Batteries

  • Gasoline

  • Kerosene

  • Propane and charcoal

This is only a shortlist of hazardous items you shouldn't pack, so be wary of other fluids and flammable materials.

For example, don't pack household cleaners in moving boxes because they are likely to contain ammonia or bleach.


Ammo and Explosives

When ammunition and explosives get hot, they will go off. If you need to pack these materials, keep them in an air-conditioned space.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always keep ammo separate from firearms during a move.

While this might sound like an obvious no-no to seasoned firearm owners, it never hurts to have a safety reminder that can prevent a deadly situation from occurring.


Avoid Packing These Items in a Moving Box

A moving box is a standard for short and long-distance moves. They are sturdy, convenient, and recyclable. Yet, there are items you should never pack in a moving box.

Use this article as a guide or hire professionals that know exactly what you can and cannot pack in a moving vehicle. Work with us at Appleby Moving & Storage in Burlington for your moving needs!


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