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Top 5 Moving Tips for Families for a Stress-Free Move

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In one year, more than two million households in Canada moved somewhere new. No matter how big or small the move is, it's usually an overwhelming experience.

Not only is it stressful to try to pack up your entire life to renovate it. There's also so much adjusting that has to happen in every area of life. It's normal for there to be a lot of big emotions felt by everyone involved. Especially when there are kids moving.

But it doesn't have to be an all-bad experience. In fact, following these moving tips for families can make it a great time! Check out this guide to help you lean into the transition and have the best move possible.

1. Start Planning Early

A move that seems far in the future can quickly sneak up on you if you're not careful. Too many people wait to start planning their move until they're running out of time. And that's why so many feel overwhelmed during this time of life.

The best thing you can do is make a family moving checklist as soon as you know you're moving. Break down each task into small chunks that are easily managed. And give each item a deadline. This will help keep you on track and also very organized as well.

2. Delegate Responsibilities

It's important to remember that you don't have to complete the family moving plan all by yourself. Delegate the tasks so everyone has a job to do.

You can also make the move much easier by hiring a moving company as well. They can handle loading your packed items into a truck and transporting them to your new home for you. Having a couple less things to worry about is always a good thing!

3. Have Open Conversations

Moving can be a very confusing time for a kid. Especially if they haven't experienced it before. Take time to have some open conversations about what the changes will be like and what they can expect.

But also keep it positive by sharing some of the things they can do in their new home. Something to look forward to keeps it exciting!

4. Leave Out Their Favourites

No matter how great the change is, it's going to be a lot for a child to handle. You can make it easier by having some of their favourite things easily accessible to them.

Consider not packing a special toy, pyjamas, or blanket. This will give them something that feels familiar and safe in their new space.

5. Involve Kids Where Possible

Kids tend to have a difficult time when they don't understand what's happening. A move can feel like a very scary change for them because they aren't sure what to expect.

It can be really helpful to get the kids involved in getting ready for the move. Things like picking up supplies or packing a couple of things can help them feel more prepared for the adventure ahead.

Best Moving Tips for Families

The only way to make a move with kids successful is to be very intentional with every step. Following these moving tips for families will help you create a positive experience. And that will help your new place feel like an adventure right away.

Keeping the move as light as possible will help reduce the adjustment pains that are sure to come. A little extra planning will help you get to your new destination with little stress. And an excited family ready to embrace their new home!

Our team has been helping families move for more than 25 years. We know how to take away your stress and get you to your new home safe and sound. Request a quote from Appleby Moving & Storage today for moving to or from Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and surrounding areas!


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