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Proper Packing Tips for a Successful Move

Moving, with all its excitement, can easily turn into one of life's most stressful events. Not only are the legal and financial aspects challenging enough, but the physical work involved in packing and transporting your belongings can be a frustrating and trying task. One of the best things you can do for your well-being during a move is hire professional and reliable movers in Burlington to carefully and correctly package and relocate your personal items.

Often times, home and business owners overlook a number of factors when preparing for a move, particularly during the packing stage. The following details should be carefully considered as you begin your moving process:

  • Never leave packing to the last minute. This will result in a rushed job which can ultimately lead to improper packaging of your belongings.

  • Never over-pack your boxes. Too much weight can cause your boxes to break and damage the items inside. Over-packed boxes can also be too heavy to lift, resulting in back, knee, shoulder, neck and other types of injuries.

  • Not labeling boxes can cause confusion when placing your belongings in specific areas of the home.

  • Avoid using plastic totes as they can easily break or crack in cold climates. You may also have a hard time fitting the lid on the container if it ends up being a heavy load.

  • Don’t overlook the importance of wrapping breakable items. All fragile items should be properly wrapped on all sides with paper or bubble wrap to ensure they are protected at all times. Remember to label your fragile boxes to ensure they are handled with care. If the items need to remain upright, you will need to mark the right side up with arrows.

  • Never forget to do a final walkthrough of your home to be sure you have not missed any items. Pay close attention to closets, drawers and basements.

Keep Your Items Safe with Preferred Movers in Oakville

Since our inception in 1983, Appleby Moving and Storage has been helping families relocate with ease and peace of mind so they can focus on the bigger, more important aspects of the move. As a family-owned-and-operated moving company, we treat all of your personal belongings with absolute care and do everything we can to ensure your moving experience with us exceeds your expectations.

If you are ready to make a move, but not sure where to begin, Appleby Moving and Storage is more than happy to provide guidance. Here are a few packing tips to get you started:

  • Reinforce the bottom of your boxes with packing tape.

  • Always place heavy items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top.

  • Fill empty space in the box with fabric, like dishtowels or clothing, to ensure items do not shift.

  • Do not exceed 20 kilograms when packing your boxes.

  • Ensure all boxes can close and seal properly on top.

Reach Out to Us Today

Contact Appleby Moving and Storage Ltd. today to learn more about how our experienced movers in Oakville, Burlington and Milton can provide you with personalized moving and storage solutions to meet your specific needs. We offer cost-effective, professional and trusted service while keeping your best interests in mind..


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