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5 Tips for a Successful Move During Peak Summer Season

Packing up and moving can be an adventure, but it may also prove challenging if you're trying to do it in the summer heat.

Not only will the heat be a factor, but summer is also peak season in the moving industry. So, what can you do about it?

Read on to plan a successful move that will work out for you.

  1. Plan Ahead So That You Can Beat the Rush

    Since summer is peak season you'll need to hash out all your details as early as possible.

    Plan a moving date well in advance so you can book your appointment.

    People are moving to start university, new jobs, and because the weather conditions are favorable.

    Your desired date will likely book up quickly, so beat the rush to the best of your ability.

  2. Research Moving Companies in Your Local Area

    Canada's moving industry is booming, so gather quotes and consultations from a few different movers. Take the time to vet the movers in your local and surrounding area for their prior record and capability.

    Make certain that the moving company is certified and licensed prior to making a hire.

  3. Start Packing for Your Move

    Get started on your packing as early in the process as possible. This prevents you from forgetting things, rushing, or breaking your things.

    Have a system so that you know exactly what is included in each box or container. The movers that you work with will often offer packing services.

    Movers put tools like dollies and big trucks to use, which will make your move much easier.

    Start going down your moving checklist as your moving day looms.

    For example, at 45 days out you'll need to book your travel arrangements and order your packing supplies. You'll begin packing the belongings in your home and let the post office know your planned change of address.

  4. Figure Out If Your Move Is Long Distance or Short Distance

    The agreement that you sign with your mover will depend on whether you are getting short distance or long-distance moves.

    Several companies move clients all the way across Canada. Factor in the exact distance and get price quotes on how much it'll cost you.

  5. Ask If They Have Storage Services

    Finally, check around for storage options. When you invest in storage facilities, you don't have to move all at once. 

    You can unload your packed belongings little by little and will have the peace of mind knowing that everything is safe and taken care of. Moving companies can also set you up with a storage unit for any move you're planning out.

Use These Tips for a Successful Move

Let these points help you out when you're trying to plan a successful move. These points apply, whether you're moving with your family or as a young professional.

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