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How to Find a Good Storage Unit

Storage units

The need to store your personal belongings may suddenly arise due to one of many reasons. Be it when you move to a new city or are in between homes, it is very important to find safe and reliable storage. Companies use storage to provide secure and convenient space-saving solutions, firms use it to stock their products, and you can use it to save space at home. Whether you want to downsize or have a temporary need, storage units are an excellent solution. Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd. has been in the moving and storage business for more than 25 years, offering peace of mind to its customers.

There are many types of facilities available to suit your needs where you can store anything from boats and furniture to books an  documents. The different types of storage units that you can find include:

  • Outside storage – These are covered units partitioned by wire mesh where people store their cars, RVs, bikes and tractors.

  • Drive-up Storage – They are available in different sizes and have aroll-up garage-like door. You can pull your car or truck right up to the door to drop or pick up items.

  • Indoor storage – You have to enter a building to store items here, anduse dollies or other equipment to move your belongings.

  • Mobile storage – Some companies can provide mobile storage units called pods to store your items at your residence. You can return the pods once you’re finished with them

Some facilities only provide some of these services while others provide all of them.

Everything to Consider While Choosing

If it is your first time choosing a storage unit, you might be overwhelmed by so many options. But it is not as hard as it seems to find the right one for you. These suggestions should make the process easier:

1.  Decide on the type of storage you need

The first thing to consider is what you want to store and for what duration. If your belongings are small, you can park your car next to the outside or drive-up storage. These are helpful even in loading and unloading heavy products and equipment. Also, take note of whether the contents are temperature sensitive. Paperwork, furniture, electronics, photos, clothing items and paintings deteriorate in humidity and unmanaged temperatures. You can rent a climate-controlled indoor unit instead of a generic garage-style outdoor one. If the contents are valuable, choose a place with good security, monitoring and insurance.

When deciding the size of the unit you want to rent, you must also consider the space for yourself to move around. If you pack it wall to wall, floor to ceiling, you won’t have room to get your items out. You don’t want to be removing half of the items just to retrieve a box in the back.

2. Word-of-mouth

After deciding the type of unit you want, ask your friends, co-workers and relatives about their preferences. Narrow down the flexible budget-friendly centres in your area. Also, you can go online to search for companies in and around your postal code.

3. Choose a dependable storage company

Make a list of the possible options and don’t hesitate to call them for inquiries. You can judge their abilities from the type of clients they have handled and from how long they have been in business. Verify them through their website by reading their reviews and ratings.

4. Don’t get stuck on the location

Store your precious memories and belongings in a secure place. Don’t get stuck with a storage facility just because it’s near you. An extra 10 minute drive to a more heavily secured storage unit can save you from future headaches.

5. Get estimates

You can also ask for estimates while inquiring. Check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, which you can also buy from your storage facility. Many companies offer flexible payment plans and significant discounts. Don’t blindly pick the least expensive storage unit; select the one which best meets your requirements.

At the same time, don’t waste money on amenities that you don’t need. For instance, climate and humidity controlled units will be more expensive than the standard ones. It would make no sense to store items which are not temperature sensitive.

Organize your items in boxes carefully, so that you can squeeze more value from the storage space in your range. Head over to our other blog for some handy tips for packing.

Get a moving estimate from Appleby Moving & Storage Ltd online. Or, simply call our team to learn more about available storage options. You can also go through our FAQ section for some commonly asked queries.


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