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Everything You Need to Know About Organizing an Office Move

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Although moving to a new office is very exciting, commercial moving is not an easy task. It is a multi-step process, requiring careful planning that includes a number of preparation steps. You will have to streamline certain things to ensure that the transition is smooth.



Appleby Moving & Storage LTD is one of the most trusted moving companies in Burlington. Our movers can help you prepare an office move checklist that will guide you through this process.


Here are a few tips that will help and guide you in handling every aspect of it.


Select a New Space


Consider factors such as location, type of building, the necessary square footage, etc. while choosing your new office  space. Select a place that will suit the requirements of your employees and clients. Obtain blueprints to identify the location of key components such as electrical outlets and storage space. Also, ensure the phone lines are installed and furniture is set up beforehand to make the place work for your company.


Create an Office Moving Calendar

Determine the essential stages of your office move and plan a schedule. Choose the packing, loading, and delivery dates. Discuss the plan in detail with all the team members involved in the process. Decide the time frame required and start preparing for the move as early as possible. Our professional movers at Appleby Moving & Storage LTD can help you create a move planner to schedule your activities.


Select the Things that You Want to Take with You

Moving to a new place usually provides you with an opportunity to purchase new supplies or furniture for your office. The less stuff you have to move, the cheaper, easier and faster the process becomes. You should determine whether your existing office furniture and supplies will be the right fit for your new office. Review your company’s retention policy. Based on it, you can sell or donate a few of the office items. You can also freely discard, shred or recycle paper and other materials no longer required.


Assign Tasks and Responsibilities

Provide responsibilities to every member of your team. Ask them to pack their files and personal items. Ensure everyone performs their duty in a timely and efficient manner. You can appoint coordinators on each team to organize weekly meetings tracking your progress. Make your team create a list of tasks that need to be completed. Add critical tasks to your moving schedule. Ask the coordinators to supervise the packing of current project files, office supplies, and equipment such as computers, a day before moving. Make sure the equipment is packed properly to protect it from damage.


Plan Your Budget

Define a budget and establish guidelines to complete all move-related purchases. Include expenses for extra services that you may require from your movers. Estimate the costs for special transportation, existing office repairs, new office renovation, staff payments, etc. Also, make sure you get a moving budget estimate from professional movers.


Hire Professional Movers

Hiring experienced professional movers is very essential during your business move. You can research for office moving companies in your location. Once you have decided on one, you can request them to visit your place to assess the move. Ensure the company is reliable and offers the most value for money before hiring them. Assign this task of finalizing the movers to one person or a group in your organization.

Appleby Moving & Storage LTD has been providing short and long distance moving to Burlington and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. We take utmost care while packing, loading, and transporting your belongings to protect them from damage. You can also use our secure storage units to keep them safe.


Pack your items

Never leave your packing to the last minute. Do not over-pack your boxes as too much weight can break them and damage what’s inside. Wrap fragile items carefully using paper or bubble wrap. Check your closets, drawers, and basements to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. Appleby Moving & Storage can help you with the packaging of your stuff.


Label the boxes

Make sure you design a labeling system to prevent confusion during the move. Create labels for the boxes and matching labels for the new office space. This will make it easy for movers to ensure all the boxes go to the right place. Hiring professional movers for relocating your business makes the process easier. This will be very convenient and safe for you as you won’t have to lift and move heavy items. If you are looking for professional moving companies in Burlington, contact Appleby Moving & Storage LTD today!


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